Thieves targeting extension cords in Lincoln County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A spike in small time crime has Lincoln County residents locking their garages and shaking their heads.

The sheriff’s department is warning residents to keep their garage doors closed.

The brush-mowing, cow-chomping, “leave your garage door open” serenity of life just

East of Troy along Highway 47, is now a haven for head-scratching crimes.

“Pretty sad.  Pretty sad,” said Charlie Hedges, laughing.  His neighbor is a recent victim.

Thieves are passing up easy-to-steal things left out in the open in garages.

“I would take riding mowers, 4 wheeler, golf clubs,” said Hedges.

Instead, thieves are going straight for extension cords; moving a new saw and weed trimmer out of the way, to the get to the cords in Hedge’s neighbor’s shed.

Police say they’re also stealing gas cans to set fire to the cords and burn away the casing to get to the copper, which they sell for scrap, presumably for quick cash to buy drugs.

“I don’t know man.  There’s the lawn mower obviously they could have taken, numerous toys, I’ve got a spare microwave, washer and driver in there, so if they wanted whatever; but extension cords?  It’s crazy to me,” said resident, Jon Ernest.

“If they took every extension I have…I’d probably be out $150.  That’s about it.  They can’t be getting much out of scrap out of that,” Hedges said.

Investigators said it had happened at least 6 times in the last week or so.  One of the victims, who did not want to be interviewed, said his neighbor saw a red car and white van speeding away when thieves got into his shed, during daylight hours, around 7 in the evening.

If you have any information, call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department at 636-528-8546.


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