Boy’s plan to help mother battling cancer goes viral

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-- Twelve-year-old Devon Melton says his plan to help raise money for his mother all started when he overheard a phone call between his mother Christina and a relative. The family has faced recent financial troubles and the 12-year-old decided he wanted to do what he could to help his family.

"I overheard her talking on the phone. She didn`t know I heard her at first. I just asked her are you ok because her tears were running down her face. She said she was failing me as a parent because she`s always sick and I had to help," said Melton.

There`s more, Melton`s mother has battledepilepsy, cervical cancer and was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Seeing her go through everything creeped me out at first, then I had to grow to the fact that this is how it`s going to be and I wanted to make sure that at least I am helping out," he said.

So Devon decided to have a garage sale, but didn't have anything to sell. He searched online and found the free section on Craigslist and that got the ball rolling. Suddenly his idea and garage sale post sparked the interest of thousands on Facebook, now people are dropping off boxes outside of his house to help out.

"My mom said the boxes were just sitting in the front of the garage. We don`t know where they came from. There`s writing on one of the boxes for me," said Melton.

So far Devon has received over 200 emails and is trying to respond to them all. He's also raised $120 since starting the garage  sales two weeks ago. The second week wasn't as successful, but the Ferguson Middle School student refused to give up.

Now family and friends are working to get the bags and boxes sorted out and priced for this weekend`s garage sale. Devon will keep going until all of the donations are sold.

"I didn`t expect it to get out of proportion like this. Now I am really excited to see what`s going to happen. I`m doing as much as I can as far as everything goes and I hope she feels better after all of this is over with. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has donated. It`s going to a good cause. It`s very helpful and very generous," he said.

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