Illinois mans wins Publishers Clearing House “Forever Prize”

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MORO, IL (KTVI) - For those who don’t believe the Publishers Clearing House prizes are real, there was quite a scene Thursday morning in Moro, Illinois.

A young man came to his door to find about 20 people including camera men and several staff from Publishers Clearing House on his front porch.

"Come on out Michael,” announced Executive Director Dave Sayer.  “Guess what?  You just won $5,000 a week forever from Publishers Clearing House.”

While Miller stood there, stunned his sister screamed: “Are you kidding me?”

Miller is the youngest to win the contest’s “Forever Prize”.  He recently ordered the “World War II” magazine and entered the sweepstakes.  Miller, who lives with his mother, was almost speechless – except to say he did not think he was going to win.  But, mom had plenty more to say.

"It’s just that we live payday to payday,” Regina Miller was crying.  “I make minimum wage.  It’s just…”

She took a second to breathe.

“Michael, do you have a job?” someone asked.

“No,” Regina answered.  “He lost his job last year.  Was that, Michael?”

He nodded.

Just an hour before Michael got his check, the crew from Publishers Clearing House picked up roses and balloons from the Schnucks on Airport Plaza.  That is just a few miles away in Bethalto.

Miller said first thing he will do with the money is buy a brand-new vehicle.

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