Local Syrian, Israeli immigrants discuss growing threat of war

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI)-- For Syrian refugees, watching developments at home from St. Louis is frustrating and painful.

And with some in the Syrian government threatening to attack Israel if the US attacks Syria, it is a tough time for Israelis as well.

Sometimes the most interesting things can happen at lunch. And here is an example that happened Thursday and it just goes to show you how people feel about other people is often different than how governments feel about other governments.

Earlier Thursday, I was at a Middle Eastern restaurant in the Delmar Loop called Ranoosh.

We were there to interview a man who fled Syria a year and a half ago, about whether he thinks the US should get involved in the conflict now that chemical weapons have allegedly been used by the ASSAD government.

As it turned out, sitting just a few tables over was a group of Israelis, some living in St. Louis and others just visiting, who came over to the main from Syria offering their support for the Syrian struggle and their hope for a peaceful resolution.

Israeli immigrant Eyal Benabraham says he is not worried about Syria’s threats, because Israel has been through this before.

Alaa Alderie, from Syria, says he never believed chemical weapons would be used in the Syrian civil war and that without outside intervention that war could go on for years.

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