Maplewood residents trying to save historic home

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Taylor Call wants to help save a house she's known in Maplewood all of her life.

"Maplewood does not want this house torn down, just the city does," says Maplewood resident Taylor Call.

The old Woodside home at the corner of Folk and Bredell has been a part of Maplewood since 1848.

It's one of the first homes in this city and a subject of study for this resident.

"It was a plantation house owned by Mr. Randells," says Call.  "Then when he passed away his children took over and it became a nursing home."

About ten years ago, the city saved it from demolition in the hopes of selling the property, but there were no takers.

This past July the city council voted six to zero to tear it down. That's why this resident is floating a petition to save the structure.

"My office is a block and a half away," says realtor Joshua Horn.  "I drive by it every day.  I have three children that live here in this city, and I think it's very important for them to understand the history of Maplewood."

"You know the council authorized it to be demolished," says Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran.  "We've taken no further action.  We haven't gone out and taken bids.  We'll see what this generates."

Maplewood city manager Marty Corcoran says the city is willing to listen to bidders or buyers but estimates the restoration of the home would cost about $350,000.

"I've been told that people who have historical knowledge of this area that this was the first house in Maplewood," says Corcoran.  "Would the city of Maplewood like to see it saved?  The answer is yes.  The city is not going to use taxpayer money on that house."

But Corcoran says there is still hope this 19th century house can be saved in the 11th hour.

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