Listen to this: Dave Spence leaves mistaken voice mail for Chief Fitch

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A mistaken voicemail, left by a newly nominated St. Louis County police board member, goes to the wrong phone.  Dave Spence apparently thought he was calling outgoing board member Greg Sansone, but instead left a message with Police Chief Tim Fitch.

We obtained the recording after making a records request to the St. Louis County Police Department.  Dave Spence thought he was calling Greg Sansone, who's board term recently ended and is part of an FBI investigation involving his company`s crime lab contract.

Here's the complete message: "Hey Greg, Dave Spence, how you doing? I got your number from your brother Jimand I just wanted to let you know that, uh, I`m honored to follow your footsteps and, uh, I`m really excited about it.  I think it`s an interesting challenge and, uh, I know that, uh, the investigations will prove out what you`ve said all along.  Uh, but anyway, I just wanted to let, reach out to you, just say that I`m here. Would love your input on certain things over time and uh, anyway keep your chin up and, uh, bottom line is , uh, I did not know I was interviewing for your position. I thought I was interviewing for Floyd Warmann`s position, but anyway it is what it is and I just wanted to reach out to you and just say, uh, listen.  Just keep going forward. Don`t look back.  Thanks.  Take care. Bye."

Spence has been nominated as a new St. Louis County police board member, to replace Sansone.  He still needs final board approval.

We took Spence's mistaken voicemail to Lindenwood Political Science Professor Joe Cernik for his take.

Cernik said, "It appears to be bad judgment on Spence`s part and I think he probably has to be kicking himself in the pants."

Cernik said it`s bad judgment because board members should do everything in the open.  Cernik added, "Then you`re trying to figure out, what is he making this phone call for in the first place? It doesn`t make sense. He could`ve raised that in a meeting when he gets on the board and he can say look there are some problems we had, and we hope we can resolve it. You make a public statement."

Spence downplayed the mistake in an interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, saying it was `benign` and that he knows outgoing board member Sansone `socially.`

Chief Tim Fitch declined to comment when I approached his office.  I also called Charlie Dooley`s office to see if he stands by his nomination of Spence.  I`m still waiting for an answer.

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