SLU students could be without water until Friday night

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MIDTOWN (KTVI) - It was a rude awakening for hundreds of SLU students Friday morning.  They had no water after a major water main break on campus overnight.

'It was like a big old explosion, like a big boom,' said maintenance worker Carl Hunt about what it sounded like when the water main broke about 2 a.m.

It happened just outside of Chaifetz Arena in the Billikens Sports Complex.
Hunt was working his maintenance job inside Chaiftez when he heard the boom and then saw water.

Hunt said, 'Water started bursting up and then it just started expanding going towards the back and it made like a big old river full of water.'

Water officials say the pipe that broke was a major 20 inch main.
There was so much water that it started accumulating outside the Chaifetz loading dock.
A worker pumped it away from the building into a nearby manhole.
We're told no water got inside Chaifetzbut it was close.

The break made for an inconvenient morning for SLU students like Krys Harvey.
Krys was among 350 students who woke up to no water because of the break.
Three student housing buildings were left with no water; the Marchetti Towers East and West and the Grand Forest Apartments.

'It's crazy because you wake up in the morning, you want to wash your face and brush your teethand all that, and me I work out every morning before class, and so when I wake up, and I go into the bathroomand I turn the faucet on and nothing's coming out it's like what the heck is going on,' said Harvey.

SLU exchange student Sofia Nylund, who also had no water, added, 'I wanted to take a shower but I wasn't able to, so yeah that was not good.  I was like what is this and then I came down to the reception and they said there won't be any water for the whole day today.'

A Saint  Louis University spokesperson says the impacted students were able to shower in recreation areas and get meals elsewhere.

Authorities think the heat might have been a factor in the break.

Whatever the case, students hope it never happens again.

'Definitely get it fixed quick. And if it's a major problem that keeps on happening that you see will be continuous throughout the year, do something about it,' explained Harvey.

The city water commissioner says water might not be restored until 10pm Friday.

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