Military accidentally drops bomb on tavern

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SUDLERSVILLE, MD. (FOX NEWS) - A night out at a bar in Sudlersville, Maryland, goes up in smoke.

Folks at Darlene’s tavern were startled when something landed in the bar's parking lot, a bomb.

Officers came to investigate and then called on the bomb squad.

Technicians determined it was a practice aerial bomb, and gave the device to the National Guard.

Turns out the device was dropped accidentally from a warthog jet that was returning from a training mission Thursday night.

Lena Hartlove/Bar Owner says: "It is crazy. I never would have thought this."

Lena Hartlove/Bar Owner says: "There was debris over everybody's vehicles and everything."

Darlene Hurley/Bar Owner says: "We seen the big hole. And it was about two and a half, 3 feet  deep and about two foot wide."

Lt. Col. Charles S. Kohler/Maryland National Guard says: "And there was nothing on it that was explosive."

Lt. Col. Charles S. Kohler/Maryland National Guard says: "This was a nighttime mission where they were dropping ordnances on a range. And unfortunately, this incident occurred."

Lena Hartlove/Bar Owner says: "I was just thanking God that it wasn't closer to the bar because there were people sitting out at the picnic tables when this happened."

Darlene Hurley/Bar Owner says: "The bomb squad told us we should rename the bar the 'bull’s-eye.' It's just nonstop."

The National Guard is investigating the cause, but believes it may have been a mechanical malfunction.