Park Hills residents angry over new mailbox policy

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PARK HILLS, MO (KTVI)-- A fight over mailboxes has some residents in St. Francois County angry with the postal service.

Georgia Tinnon is upset with the post office.

According to a letter, Tinnon and her Lake Timberline neighbors received in June, the Park Hills post office informed the residents it wasn't their policy to deliver mail in gated communities.

According to the post office, four separate cluster boxes like these are going to be moved to the front entrance of Lake Timberline.

About 500 people live in this gated community in St. Francois County.

And the residents say for some, their mailboxes will now be two and a half miles away at the front entrance.

Postal spokesperson Richard Watkins says the final decision is still under consideration but adds the postal service is trying to do what's cost effective.