100 homes without water after south city water main break

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-  It was a mess in a south city neighborhood after a water main break sent water rushing down a street.

Residents lost water service, and the break left behind significant street damage.
'You could hear this rumbling and feel some shaking and looked outside and said there`s water coming up from street,' said resident Teri Wells about the scene on Utah after the water main break a little before 10pm Wednesday night.

Water flowed down Utah in the Tower Grove South Neighborhood leaving parts of the street buckled.

'It was literally coming up from the corners of the curb so it was not coming down the street, it was coming from the corners on either side of the street,' said Wells.
Water was still flowing many hours after the break as crews tried to clear out the lines so they could make repairs.

Water was cut off to about 100 or so homes in the area so crews could do their work.
Jennifer Dischbein put water in pots, her kitchen sink, even her bathtub so she would have enough to make it through the day.
She and her husband have three kids, a dog and five cats to take care of so they need water.

'We were outside with the neighbors, and we were like we got to go start filling stuff up. We took showers, woke the kids up, made them take showers because we had no idea,' explained Dischbein.
We`re told a 12 inch main broke.

Authorities say aging pipes combined with our recent heat are likely to blame.
'The high temperatures not only is the air temperatures high, the water that we get from the river and pump into the mains is high and that causes the pipes to expand.

Meanwhile with the dry weather, you have the soil contracting, you`re introducing stresses on the pipes,' said Curtis Skouby, the Director of Public Utilities for the city of St. Louis.

The street where this happened was just repaved less than two years ago as part of a major project.
Now repairs will have to be done again.
Residents are trying to take it all in stride.
'It happens. Things happen. We`ll be ok,' said Wells.