10 things to know: Friday, September 6, 2013

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Here are some of the top stories making headlines from FOX 2 and CNN.com.

1. Fundraiser: Thirteen-year-old Mia Gapsch escaped the burning house, but her father, sister and grandmother died. Now the community is rallying around her to help. Firefirghters are coming together today for a fundraiser for Mia.

2. 19 East St. Louis firefighters get layoff slips. Now there is concern over how long it may take firefighters to respond in a crisis.  Mayor Alvin Parks says a federal grant that expired is the reason for the layoffs.
3.  One Judge died from a cocaine overdose and another Judge admitted he was addicted to heroin while sitting on the bench. Now the Pike County sheriff is talking about how secrecy may have helped crack the St. Clair County judge drug scandal.

4. The new “Gangnam Style”?: A cow goes moo. A cat goes meow, and a dog goes woof woof. But what sound does a fox make. Dunno? A new song asking that question is going viral on YouTube. It’s called “The Fox” by Norwegian group Ylvis.

5. Need some new NCAA gear for the fall?  Here’s your chance! Check out Margie’s Money Saver deal from Finishline.com

6. Brett Hull rejoining the St. Louis Blues as team Vice President. FOX 2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne gives more info on his return.  See the TKO Report.

7. Meeting of “frenemies”: Syria was the elephant in the room at the G20 summit in Russia. So did President Barack Obama and his powerful Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, bring it up? “No, we talked about the economy,” Obama told reporters Thursday. The two have sharply opposing views on a possible military strike on Syria. Obama wants to see the Syrian government punished after hundreds of civilians were allegedly killed by poison gas. Putin is against it, and the heated exchanges between the two nations are getting testier. Friday is the last day of the G20, and Obama meets yet another leader opposed to a Syrian military strike — Chinese President Xi Jinping. Maybe they could talk about the economy, too. Or Syria.

8. Zimmerman divorce

Stand by your man: That’s what Shellie Zimmerman did, but not for too long. When her husband, George Zimmerman, faced trial over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, she lied for him. As a result of that, he got a bail deal; she got perjury charges. But after hinting at marriage woes, she filed for divorce Thursday in Florida. But not before she gaveinsight into their lifestyle, telling ABC last week that they were living like “gypsies” alone in a trailer in the woods. Every night, she was afraid someone would find them and kill them. And her husband has not exactly been flying under the radar since he was acquitted of murder. He was caught speeding twice, in Florida and Texas.

9. SpaceShipTwo

Virgin in space: Want to be an astronaut? You may get your chance, if you can spare $200,000. Billionaire Richard Branson came one step closer to making it possible Thursday. His space flight company Virgin Galactic said SpaceShipTwo shot up into the stratosphere during a test flight over California, topping out at 69,000 feet. Virgin calls their flights “suborbital.” Though the rocket blast that shoots the space ship up to its peak is pretty short-lived, it’s bound to be quite a thrill ride. So far, 500 people have signed up for tickets, including actor Ashton Kutcher.

10. NFL season kickoff

Touchdown machine: This wasn’t your regular NFL game. At least not for the past 44 years. Denver quarterback Peyton Manning fired seven touchdown passes, the first to do so in a single NFL game since 1969. The Broncos won 49-27, sending the Ravens back to Baltimore with their feathers roughly ruffled. Baltimore fans blamed their own defense. It is the first game the 2013 Super Bowl champs have played since star linebacker Ray Lewis left the team. Get ready for more action Sunday and Monday when more NFL games hit TV screens.

Ironically, it was the San Francisco 49ers the Ravens beat in the last Super Bowl.

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