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K-Cup soup? Campbell’s brews up a simple solution

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The reason that ramen noodles have never really caught on with college kids and other busy, broke folks is that they’re just too time-consuming and complicated to make. You have to find a water source, a heat source, and if you’re feeling all fancy, a bowl and a spoon.

Well no more, fellow noodle slurpers, no more. Fancy-pants kitchen tools like ovens, microwaves, faucets and pans will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Campbell’s new line of Fresh-Brewed Soup K-Cup packs.

Campbell Soup Co. announced this week that it will debut new “snack” soup mixes, which will include a packet of dry pasta and vegetable blend garnish, and a cup of broth designed to fit into a Green Mountain Coffee Keurig brewer and drip onto the mixture after it’s heated. Representatives for Green Mountain assure customers that the brewing process will cleanse the machine, so there will be no fear of coffee and soup flavors commingling. (Though really, wouldn’t that cut down on yet another pesky step and dish to wash?)

“Campbell is connecting with consumers in new and exciting ways. We expect this delicious Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup to provide consumers with a flavorful, convenient soup that fits their lives today,” said Denise Morrison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Soup Company in a press release.

“Cool,” said a hungover liberal arts major who didn’t feel like putting on pants and wandering to the dining hall before it closed.

By Kat Kinsman, CNN Eatocracy

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