Running shoe ad showing “dead dog” offends animal lovers

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(KTVI) – From the “what were they thinking” file, an ad for a running shoe is getting attacked for it’s portrayal of a dead dog.

According to Business Insider, the ad infers the shoes are so good, you’ll run your dog to death. A man is shown leaning over a dog lying on the ground. The dog was not actually dead.

The company has since pulled the ad and apologized on Facebook:

Consumerist said the ad ran in Canadian Running Magazineand many people found the ad offensive. The company’s “Project E:Motion”website featured an educational video for what to do if your dog really does collapse. That video has also been removed.

Some analysts are questioning if the company is using the backlash for attention, as many consumers were not aware of the running shoe company before. Trackur says they are waiting to see what happens to the company’s reputation in the long run.

pearl izumi dead dog ad

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