Roofers teamed up with Backstoppers to repair roof on hot day

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI)-- A late summer heat wave is nothing new for Frank Arnold. That's why he came prepared.

"Drink a lot of water and carry a towel around," says roofer Frank Arnold.  "It definitely helps."

Arnold was one of seven roofers in St. Ann Tuesday replacing a roof and hoping to stay hydrated.

"That's the biggest thing," says Jason Shupp, the RSCA President.  "It's hard to get on and off a roof to stay hydrated.  So you want to have water up on the roof."

The Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance and The Backstoppers teamed up Tuesday to tear off and replace the roof for the widow of a St. Ann policeman.

"They were here on my doorstop when my husband died, right from the hospital I came home and they were there," says Alice Jaeger-Ashland.  "Through the years they have been there for us."

In the 1950's Alice Jaeger-Ashland and her husband patrolman Gerald Jaeger bought this home in the county.

But he was killed in 1964 by a hit-and-run driver.

Tuesday's hard work in the heat was appreciated by this widow.

"Yeah and all the children were born here," says Jaeger-Ashland.  "So it has special meaning to me.  It's kind of a refuge."

Work began by 7am to beat the heat.

These guys know that temperatures up top can increase by 20 to 30 degrees in the mid-day sun.

"It is amazing from stepping off a one story roof, going down the ladder and getting on the ground," says Shupp.  "It's a dramatic difference.  It's like stepping into air conditioning."

Stepping into air conditioning is something these guys plan to do at the end of the day.