Bartender gets $200,000 tip, but they’ll never see it

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(KTVI) – So here’s another receipt story:  A person claiming to be a St. Louis bartender posted the picture on Reddit saying someone left them a $200,000 tip on a $111 bill.

But this bartender will never see that money.  The Reddit user, said two women came in and has a meal for $111.

One of the ladies left the tip saying, “don’t tell my sister,” and telling the server she’s her ‘guardian angel.”

The bill was for $111.54.  The customer wrote $200,000 in the tip line.  The customer also wrote an incorrect total of $211,000.54 on the line for the total amount.

Well, the story goes on and the waitress tells her boss. The problem is, credit card companies do not honor excessive tips.  Online users are saying the bartender got scammed.