Melenie Broyles: How to act positively during kid sports

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Fall sports are in full swing, and that means competition is heating up.

For a lot of kids, playing sports is a huge part of their life.  But unfortunately, some parents don't know the right way to become involved.

Margie Ellisor talked to Melenie Broyles from Etiquette Saint Louis about parents positively joining in with their child's team.

Here are some tips parents should take into account about childhood sports teams:

1. Find out about a coach, the rules, coaching philosophy before you commit.
2. Sign up for the right reasons.  Good teamwork, good instruction, not because my kids is the star or will be the best.
3. Don't try and over coach your kid from the bench.
4. Be encouraging when they finish the game.
5. If you have a problem with the coach, call and talk to them away from the kids and after the event.
6. Always deal with issues of safety immediately.
7. Treat other parents, players and coaches with respect.
8. Do not take matters with the official into your own hands.  This not only takes away from the coach but embarrasses our children.
9. Lastly, most of what we are playing is little league sports.  This is not the super bowl.

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