Rams fan receives game ball after narrowly escaping death

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It has been a roller coast week for a St. Louis Rams fan.  He felt ill at the Edwards Jones Dome Sunday and could have died. Days later, the Rams were on hand to cheer his recovery.

Mike Morton had just arrived for Sunday's game when he suddenly felt like he had been hit hard.

"It was the most pain I ever felt," said Morton. "It was just like getting tackled in the chest or something."

While the game went on, Mike's son Dan reacted quickly getting his dad to first aid at the Dome. They treated him then EMS rushed Mike to Barnes Jewish Hospital. He was having a heart attack. Very soon, Morton underwent a procedure to unclog a completely blocked artery.

The artery`s nickname is the widow maker.

Morton said, "I know they saved my life. I know they did."

Speed is important when someone has a heart attack. Dr. Richard Bach is a cardiologist at Barnes Jewish.

"Time is always a key factor," said Dr. Back.  "The faster an artery can be opened when a patient is having a heart attack, the lower their likelihood they`re going to die from that," he said.

Mike says he got a second chance at life, more time to enjoy with his family.

"I especially have a little two year grandson. I get to see him and stuff and still play with him and stuff," said Mike.

The story gets even better for the Rams' fan.  Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff and the team mascot Rampage showed up at Morton's hospital room and gave Mike a game ball from Sunday's game.

Morton said, "It's great. It's cooland I love sports. I love the Rams."

Demoff said, "We want to thank him for being such a passionate fan."

Morton added, "Go Rams, yeah, go Rams."

Demoff also invited the Morton family to attend a practice and be on the field for an upcoming Rams game.