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Water sports day: barefoot skiing

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(KTVI) - Tim Ezell was at Creve Coeur Lake Friday and got a preview of Midwest Nightfly!  Have you ever heard of barefoot skiing?  Well it exists!  And Tim got to see it up close!

If you want to see some barefoot skiing, check out the Midwest Nightfly.

The event will feature water sports of all kinds.  Water skiing, wakeboarding, andfly boarding will also be represented, as well as many others.

On Sunday September 15th, there will be a wakeboard and water ski clinic held for the public.

The Midwest Nightfly begins Saturday September 14th at 8 a.m.

The main event begins at night, after sundown.

Ticket information:
Nightfly regular ticket: $5
Nightfly VIP ticket: $40 advance ($50 day of event)

Sunday Clinic: $50

For regular and VIP tickets to the event visit:

For more information on the Midwest Nightfly visit: