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Iraq suicide blast kills 36 at funeral in ethnic minority Shabak town

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(CNN) — A suicide attack north of Mosul, Iraq, on Saturday killed at least 36 people and wounded 48 others, authorities said.

The bomber, wearing an explosive vest, blew himself up at a funeral of a member of the Shabak, an ethnic minority group, in the outskirts of Mosul in northern Iraq.

The Shabak people are Muslims, and 65% of them are Shiite, with the remaining 35% Sunni. The attack took place in Baashiqa, whose majority is Shiite Shabak.

The Shabak people number about 250,000 in Nineveh province and have their own language, Shabaki, as well as style of dress.

The attack was the latest violence in a country torn by sectarian conflict. On Friday, a bomb hidden in an air-conditioning duct killed 30 Sunni worshipers and wounded 52 others in a mosque near Baquba, Iraq, which is about 37 miles (60 kilometers) northeast of Baghdad.

By Mohammed Tawfeeq

CNN’s Michael Martinez contributed to this report.