6 UMSL students robbed, one pistol whipped

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BEL NOR, MO. (KTVI) - It was a vicious crime. 6 UMSL students were the victims, police said, robbed at gunpoint; one of them “pistol-whipped”.

Bel Nor police shared suspect photos and surveillance video with FOX 2, looking for the public’s help in solving the crime.

The video shows three suspects meeting at the ZX Gas Station; they then cut behind buildings and bushes before accosting the suspects about a block away at Natural Bridge and Nordic, about 12:40 A.M., September 6th, police said.

The robbery scene is a block from the Bel Nor Police Department.

“3 robbers, 2 possibly with guns, ordered them to the ground and proceeded to steal everything they had,” said Bel Nor Police Sgt., Steven Bishop.  “One of the victims did not comply right away with their order and I believe was pistol-whipped 3 times in the head.”

He said the suspects ran back to the gas station, hopped into their car, a red Honda with a black hood and fled.

“We have evidence after the robbery they proceeded to try to use the stolen credit cards at different locations.  We have videos from those locations of all 3 suspects,” said Sgt. Bishop.

He said they used a stolen credit card at a Brentwood McDonalds and a St. Louis gas station; tried to make an almost $1000 purchase at a Walmart  but the card was refused.

Police released photos of a suspect they said was driving the car, hoping the public would identify him.

They did identify another suspect, still at large.

Police said they also arrested a third suspect, plus another man found in possession ofproperty stolen during the robberies; the suspects ranging in age from 16-19.  Police recovered the Honda at the time of those arrests.

If you know the suspect in the photos or have any information, call Bel Nor Police at 314-920-9513 or 314-381-2971, ext. 106.

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