Colorado flood victims struggle for supplies

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LYONS, CO. (FOX NEWS) - Residents in some of the hardest hit areas of Colorado are trying to cope in the aftermath of the deadly flood.

You can see the devastation of last week's flooding.

Floodwaters destroyed thousands of homes and businesses and washed out roads and bridges.

The flood also triggered at least two oil spills.

It'll take an estimated two billion dollars to recover total losses for all property.

Some folks in Lyons are struggling to get resources, resorting to hiking with backpacks and gas cans in search of supplies they need.

People have even worked together to build little bridges and roads to access alternate routes.

There are now sixty people who are unaccounted for a significant drop from last week.

At least seven people have been confirmed dead.

Officials warn it could take many months for the areas to be restored and bodies to be recovered.