Ground crews work to repair Busch outfield after college football game

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Crews at Busch Stadium are racing the clock this Sunday.  Saturday’s first-ever football game in the venue tore up the outfield and the Cardinals return home in a little over twenty-four hours to face the Washington Nationals.

There's plenty of work to be done.  The Cardinals will play six crucial games leading up to the playoffs, and no one wants field conditions to be an unwelcome factor.  So the outfield is essentially being torn out and replaced.

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Cardinals’ officials said they did expect some damage during Saturday’s college football game between Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and Southeast Missouri State. Some questioned the wisdom of playing the game so close to the postseason, but according to the Cardinals website  General Manager John Mozeliak is reserving judgment until he sees what the finished repair job looks like.  He was receiving updates via text as the Cardinals played in Milwaukee last night according to

Fans at the game yesterday could see the damage being done, but they have faith it will be fixed in time for the Redbirds final playoff push.

The Busch Stadium grounds crew has already taken on a chewed up field once this season after the Chelsea/Manchester City soccer match.  There were few complaints if any when baseball resumed after that event.

By the way, Saturday’s game was won by the SIUC Salukis, 39-19, and drew a crowd of just over 14,000.

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