Fake company billed county $1.6M to rent computers

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The You Paid For It Team obtains exclusive documents on the St Louis Health Department story involving a suicide and a fake company that billed the health department $1.6 Million to rent computers.

The documents call into question the reason for the entire contract where the county paid year after year to rent laptops when it could have bought them for a fraction of the cost.

Many of the invoices didn't even indicate just how many rented computers were provided for all the money spent.

The company never even provided a billing address, just a post office box.

The phone number listed was to a cell phone with no personalized greeting. Callers were just told to leave a message.

The records show that Dooley top level departments signed off on this questionable deal year after year without challenging it. They got suspicious earlier this year while preparing for next year’s budget.

Edward Mueth committed suicide just before he was to be called in by higher ups. He was the number 2 man in the Health Department.

Police say Mueth had set up a fake company called Gateway Technical Solutions then used insider information to get the contract for computer rentals with the Department.

Officials didn't want to talk with investigator Elliott Davis when You Paid For It showed up with questions.

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