O’Fallon kitchen contractor sued by attorney general

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O'FALLON, MO (KTVI)-- Things are "heating up" for a kitchen contractor from O`Fallon.   Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is suing him.  We even interviewed two dissatisfied customers in recent months.    The A.G.`s investigators talked to almost a dozen people about money paid for improvements.

Tom and Sandra Weissenberg  never saw the countertop they ordered.  They made a $600 partial payment.   Sarah Cox and her husband made a $5,500 down payment on a custom designed kitchen.  Four months after the measurements were taken, nothing was done.

"He`d leave me voice mails while I was at work usually.  He`d leave me a voice mail and tell me he`s working on it," she said.

Matthew Chapman of Cabinets and Interiors Inc. told me he was going to repay people.
The Attorney General's Office heard from some of those people. The suit claims Chapman violated the Merchandising Practices Act.   Eleven homeowners are named including Tom Weissenberg  who  says justice will be served.

"I can`t imagine, what he was thinking, do you think you can get by with something like this.  I mean, maybe one, or maybe two.  But eleven or more of us?  That`s not going to fly," he said.

Chapman allegedly  accepted approximately $35,133 from the eleven consumers.   He's accused of deception, false promise and unfair practices.   The experience was a painful lesson for first time homebuyer Sarah.  "It was heartbreaking. Because we spent so much time designing our kitchen and planning to get exactly what we wanted," she said.

Sarah paid another contractor to finish her kitchen.   Tom did get a $300 refund from Chapman.  And he got the counter top he wanted.   Cambria, the manufacturer saw our first story.

"And Mr. Liebig from Stone Trends contacted me and said they would make good on what Mr. Chapman had not.  And sure enough they did," he stated.

The case will be heard in the circuit court of St. Charles County.   No date has been set for the trial.    If you have a consumer complaint call our toll free line at 800 782-2222.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm

Helpful links:
Missouri Attorney General    https://www.ago.mo.gov/
Better Business Bureau        http://stlouis.bbb.org/

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