Signing up for Obamacare frustrates millions

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Predictions of glitches on day one of the Affordable Care Act sign up proved true, and then some on Tuesday.

With over two million visitors to the site in just the first 90 minutes, the system was simply overwhelmed.

"I`ve been trying to log on all day and have not got through," said health insurance salesman Tim Teicher, who has started his own website to answer questions and offer alternatives to Obamacare.

"You`d think that they would know that they have got the critics standing on their shoulder," Teicher said. "They may have attempted to run some trials with it, but I don`t know how you replicate the masses."

For many consumers, the trouble began on the security question page because there were often no questions appeared.

That`s what happened to Katie McAtee of Festus as she tried to sign up for coverage.

"I tried to get to the live help feature and basically got put on hold for two hours before being told it was unavailable," McAtee said.

Ryan Barker, Vice-President for Health Policy at the Missouri Foundation for Health had the same problems as everyone else.

"They told us they tested it, maybe they didn`t expect the volume of what they are getting today," Barker said. "With anything like this there are going to be some kinks at first."

Part of the problem might be because there was so much emphasis on the start date by the media that some may have thought Tuesday was their only chance to sign up or that signing up early means consumers getcoverage sooner.

But it doesn't.

"The good thing to keep in mind is that between now and December 15, if you enroll your insurance starts on January 1," Barker said.

He also says the same thing that caused the trouble is also the good news about the program, because the theory is the more who sign up for coverage, the lower the rates will be.

Still, Barker would be happy to see things slow down.

"It`s been a crazy day."

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