10 Things to know: Thursday, October 3, 2013

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(KTVI) – It’s Thursday, and here are 10 things to know — stories getting attention in St. Louis and around the world.

1. A convicted murderer is getting new trial because of a St. Clair County judge caught in a drug scandal. William Cosby is a convicted murderer, but on Tuesday, St. Clair County Circuit judge Robert Haida ordered a new trial for Cosby after his attorney argued that they should have known the judge in his case, Michael Cook, and a detective, Orlando Ward, were both under investigation at the time of the trial.

2. A Missouri father battling a deadly disease gives his 10-year-old daughter an advance wedding gift she’ll never forget. It began with a ring and dad’s dying wish. It will be sometime before 10 year old Nakeol gets married, but when she does, her dad will be there. You must see this story

3. Tickets are still available for Game 1 of the NLDS. Find out how to get yours now.

4. Alice and Gerald Uden seemed the typical family to the outside observer. They raised two children in rural Missouri, kept to themselves and attended church regularly. Even their next-door neighbors had little clue of the deadly secrets investigators say they’ve kept buried.  But this week the Udens, both now in their 70′s, have been charged in slayings in cold cases dating back more than 30 years.

5. Man arrested in burned dog case. St. Louis police arrested Wesley Reid.  He’s accused of felony animal abuse.

6.Elephants biting their nails:

A small but growing group of House Republicans is increasingly worried about the fallout from the government shutdown and say it’s time for Speaker John Boehner to allow a simple vote on a spending bill. Defunding Obamacare can wait for now, they say. “I’m trying to be optimistic but at the same time I have a really, really tough time when people are out of work and they can’t pay their bills,” Rep. Michael Grimm of New York told reporters Wednesday. “Though it might be a political loss for us … this is an untenable situation.” Rep. Scott Rigell, whose Virginia district is home to a significant number of military members and civilian contractors, was one of the first to publicly break away. He took to Twitter to say that it is time for government to reopen.

2. No lack of prayers: A tire on a bus blew out Wednesday, causing a wreck that killed eight people. That’s what police think. The bus was carrying 18 people from a church in North Carolina. Most of them were senior citizens. They had gone to a nearby revival service. When the tire blew, the driver lost control. His bus crossed the median on I-40 in east Tennessee and hit an SUV and a tractor-trailer. The wreckage made the accident site look like a bomb had gone off there. The truck driver was killed. One person died in the SUV, and six people on the bus died. Their church is praying for them, and so are many others.

3. This is it: Michael Jackson’s family tried to get a concert promoter to pay up a billion or two. But Wednesday a jury said no. The family said it was partly AEG’s fault that Jackson died. After all, AEG did hire the doctor who injected him with propofol. That’s an anesthetic used to put people to under for surgery. Conrad Murray was giving it to the King of Pop to help him sleep, but he gave him an overdose in June 2009, and it killed him. After 13 hours of thinking it over, the jurors said it was Murray’s fault alone, and not the company’s. So, no billions. But Jackson’s family is not happy with the verdict. Their lawyers are talking about appealing it. It could take years before this is over.

4. Whose side are you on?: That video of the dust-up between the motorcycle gang and the SUV still has people talking and taking sides. Some bikers and their friends held a vigil at the hospital Wednesday, where Edwin Mieses is. He’s the biker who was run over and is in a coma. They say he’s the real victim, and they don’t want the bikers to be seen as a bunch of bad apples. They pointed the finger at the SUV driver, who drove over him to get away from the gang. One of them said: “I knew that car seemed reckless from the beginning.” The bikers say they told him to slow down, but he wouldn’t. Police released a biker from the group who had turned himself in. They didn’t charge him and said he may have been trying to help the SUV driver when other bikers were slashing his tires or smashing his windows or giving him a beating. Sympathies on social media still run high with the SUV driver. A lot of people don’t like the bikers and some have passed around videos of motorcycle riders breaking the law to back up their anger at them.

5. No bones about it: Backhoes dug up some cool historic and prehistoric stuff this week. First in Canada: It was like a scene out of a Flinstones’ cartoon. A backhoe dropped its shovel right on top of a dinosaur’s tail. It laid bare an extremely rare find, a tail fossil over 10 feet long. Scientists are carefully taking it out of the ground. They hope to find a whole 35-foot dinosaur inside the rock at a construction site. Now to London: The Romans were there centuries ago. That’s no secret, but 20 of their skulls turned up when shovels broke ground for a subway line. What’s weird is finding that many together in one space — and just the skulls. The archaeologists think winter storms way back when washed them all into one spot.

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