Beware of Facebook lottery scam

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- The instant connection that comes with social networking can be both good and bad.

It`s a scam that`s been around for a couple of years.  Complaints were on the decline for a while.  But it seems the scammers are at it again.

Melissa from Jefferson County says while checking her Facebook page last week, she got a friend request from a stranger.

Through a string of multiple messages Melissa learned that she had won 'The Facebook Lottery' to the tune of $600,000.

The message included pictures of other winners holding oversized checks.

But before she could claim her winnings, Melissa had to give up personal information and $400.

Those checks are bogus.  But the woman who sent the friend request was bold enough to say the legitimacy can be confirmed by calling the FBI.  That didn't sit well with Melissa.

A couple of things to remember, you don't want to accept friend requests from people you don't know.  Second don't give anyone your personal information, third Facebook is not running a lottery.   And finally if you do win something, you shouldn't have to pay hundreds to collect.

Call us if you have a consumer issue.  Call toll free 800-782-2222.

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