Traffic updates: Rush Hour in St. Louis

Fans should take parking restrictions seriously for Cardinals playoffs

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DOWNTOWN (KTVI) - With the first two NLDS games starting while employees are still working Downtown, where is a fan to park?  Here are some suggestions to make sure you keep your car out of the tow yard.

Take any no-parking signs seriously -- especially the ones on the street.  Those signs help keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.  So, if you are parked at a tow-away zone, you can bet your car will not be around after the last out.  But, St. Louis City Streets Director Todd Waelterman had a little suggestion for those who think those signs are merely a suggestion:

“It depends on how much money you have.  If you are willing to pay tickets, if you’re willing to take the chance to have your car towed, then go ahead and park there.  The right thing to do is to find a legitimate spot.  We’ve studied the parking down here.  There are a lot of good parking facilities and garages that don’t fill up on days like this.  There is always room in those garages.”

You could also leave your car at home.  We spoke with a woman who came to Downtown St. Louis from Caseyville, Illinois.  She said her trip cost $5.50, a lot less than the $300 tow bill she would pay if she parked in the wrong spot. 

Metro Transit spokesperson Patti Beck recommended anyone coming Downtown for any reason take the train or bus:

“If you’re coming to work Downtown, you should consider Metro.  If you’re coming to the game or coming to the rallies, you should consider Metro.  You are not going to sit in traffic. You are not going to sit in traffic.  You are not going to look around for a parking space.  We have been moving people for the last 20 years on Metrolink and the last 50 years on MetroBus.  It’s the way to go.”


Beck said staff will be on the train platforms to look for overcrowding.  She said they will order more trains, if necessary.  Beck also recommended booking a table at your favorite bar or restaurant to wait out the traffic.  Brian McAfee is the general manager for the Over/Under Bar.  He said there is a much more desirable alternative to fighting baseball traffic.

“If you are at work, and you don’t have tickets to the game, you probably don’t want to fight traffic and miss a good portion of the game,” he said.  “So why not stay Downtown, if that’s where you work and eat and drink with your co-workers and friends?”

You could also get Downtown extremely early and join FOX2 / News 11 for the Official Cardinals Pep Rally.  We will be in the Ballpark Village parking lot at 8th and Clark Streets.  The pep rally starts at 1 p.m. Thursday and 9:30 a.m. Friday before Game 2 at noon.

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