Furloughed civilian employees at Scott AFB return to work

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MASCOUTAH, IL (KTVI) - Five thousand civilian employees at Scott Air force base are back on the job this afternoon thanks to some quick thinking by military attorneys.

Over 3,400 workers were sent home Tuesday on unpaid furlough as a result of the partial government shut down.

Now they`re back because Pentagon lawyers found a loophole.

Just before the government shut down because the house wants to repeal Obamacare, Congress passed a measure saying the military would be paid in case of a shutdown.

Over the weekend, Pentagon lawyers, the defense secretary, and the justice department decided that means most civilian workers as well as uniformed personnel.

Among the 5,000 Angie Casares who moved here from San Antonio in June with her husband and two children. First she lost pay because of the sequestration cuts. Now, she was furloughed for four days.

At his shop selling military awards, Jeff Morgan has seen all the uncertainty bite into his business especially during the shutdown.

The return of the 5,000 civilian employees is also great news for the entire metro region, where Scott Air Force Base is the third largest employer.

The paychecks start Monday for the recalled workers. And those days they missed? They`ve been promised they`ll be paid for those, too.