Reclining seats making airline passengers angry

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(KTVI)– Road rage is spreading to the not-so-friendly skies.

The most common cause of mid-flight anger is reclining seats.

It seems the vast majority of airline passengers would rather lose the right to recline than put up with having their table and leg space compromised.

A flight search website found that 9 in 10 travelers wanted reclining seats banned or at least restricted to set times on short-haul flights.


  • Mark Fox

    As soon as I hear the ding that I can recline, I do, but I do it slowly, as to not hit the person behind me. I will put my seat upright at mealtime. And if a reclining seat is that big of a deal to you, pay the extra bucks and get a seat up front where there’s plenty of space.

  • Victor

    I like to sit on the wing exit row. so people in front can’t recline. Unfortunately, flying Southwest, the folks with the screaming brats are allowed to board between the A group and the B group, and conveniently the first available seats are mid-plane, so grabbing the wing exit seats is not always the best idea for a peaceful flight.

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