Roxana residents fight for parking spots near high school

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ROXANA, IL. (KTVI) - Residents living across the street from Roxana High School are hoping village leaders will restore some sort of parking restrictions in their neighborhood.

Bob Farris is leading the charge.  He says some residents are unable to park in front of their own home because of all the cars.

'It`s not just students, but people visiting the high school,' said Farris.

Roxana leaders passed a parking ordinance that Farris says helped solve the problem.  That ordinance was repealed in August shortly after the high school added a new parking lot.

Farris says the parking lot has not solved the problem.  He says students must pay for a permit to park in that lot.

'That parking lot is 700 feet away from the security entrance of the high school so why would anyone pay $25 and walk from over 700 feet whenever they can park here in front of these residential homes?' asked Farris.
Trustee Jack La Tempt said village leaders will wait for one year before deciding whether to restore the parking restrictions.

'We figured it was unfair to the rest of the residents in town that there were parking permits on those three streets but not the rest of the village,' said La Tempt.

Farris believes village leaders violated sunshine laws by discussing repeal of the ordinance during an executive session.  La Tempt believes trustees followed the law.  He said the executive session was held because of concerns over potential litigation.  Farris plans on filing a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General`s office in Springfield.

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