Shop owners installing barricades to stop smash & grabs

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The rash of smash and grab burglaries have been bad for the business owners, but good for one other business.

Steel bollards.  They are metal tubes sunk into the ground and placed in front of buildings to protect them from cars.

Sam Shapiro of Shapiro Metal in North St. Louis is trying to keep up with the growing demand.

'We sell so many of them, we are reloading these racks every other day,' Shapiro said.

At St. Louis Jewelry and Loan in the 2900 block of Union Avenue, they are so concerned about smash and grabs, they have installed about a dozen bollards on the front side of the store and several more inback.

They are filled with concrete and sunk into three feet of concrete.

St. Louis Jewelry and Loan owner Bill Howell says just last week he got to see just how effective those bollards can be.

'A car had gotten into an accident out on the street, jumped the curb, came across and hit one of our bollards. They dented the front of the car into a `V`, so yeah they work very well.'

As of last week, there have been 21 smash and grabs in The City of St. Louis since April.

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