VFW bar closing in Fairview Heights

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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL. (KTVI) – There may have been a tear or two in the eyes of fans who gathered to watch the Cardinals game 4 NLDS game at their favorite "lucky spot" in Fairview Heights, Monday:  the VFW Post 8677 bar.

The bar is closing Sunday.

Fans rejoiced after the Cardinal victory ensured they’d have at least 1 more game to watch together at the bar.

A smaller will remain open in the VFW hall right next door.

Customers said things wouldn’t be the same; especially for big Cardinals games.

“My necklace and my earrings.  Every time I wear them they win, it seems like,” said bartender, Karrie Dinney, flashing her Cardinals necklace with a beach “flip-flop” pendant and matching logo earrings.

That October magic worked again.

“Told ya, my lucky earrings.  I have to wear them Wednesday,” she beamed, slapping “high fives” with her customers after the Cardinals secured a 2-1 victory at Pittsburgh, bringing the series back to St. Louis for a decisive game 5, Wednesday night.    

“Last World Weries we watched.  All of us sat here.  We’d stay here late at night.

Everybody had to get up and go to work together and then had to come back the next day,” laughed customer, Beth Halloran, recalling friends gathering here for the historic games 6 & 7 in the Cardinals 2011 World Series victory.

Marshall Kern and his buddies were holding what they called their “board meetings” at the bar; though there were really was no board.

Soon, there would be no bar.

“Gosh, I’ve been coming here for about 30 years,” Kern said.

But the post and its mission will remain, no matter the location.

“We’re always here for the veterans.  That’s our main goal is to help the veterans,” Dinney said.

The post commander made it clear: fundraisers and special events will continue at the VFW Hall.

He said with a tightening budget and dwindling membership, the sale and move were necessities; the post would likely be open in a new location within a year.

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