What’s in a chicken nugget? Now we know

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(KTVI) – Just what are the ingredients in a chicken nugget?  It could have you losing your appetite.

Mississippi researchers tested chicken nuggets from two national fast food chains and found the nuggets consisted of 50% or less chicken meat.

The rest is a mix of fat, blood vessels and nerves.  Cartilage and pieces of bone were thrown into the mix as well.

Researchers say nuggets are okay to eat only occasionally.

The National Chicken Council says nuggets are an excellent source of protein.


  • FBHO

    Who cares? why should we just kill the chicken, strip it of its good parts and throw the rest away? Every part of the chicken is eatable, despite what the “experts” tell you. People have been doing this for generations, its nothing new. Sissies.

  • Donna Rae

    That’s chcken! And did you ever think of the ALLOWED bugs, rodent parts in chocolate candy? And we eat that a lot !

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