Dog allegedly shot by police, left for dead

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EAST ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- For a young, black-and-white pit bull mix, just the right person came driving by at just the right time Wednesday afternoon.

Otherwise, the dog some assumed to be dead might actually be dead.

The trouble began Tuesday afternoon when police were called to the 900 block of East Broadway in East St. Louis after the dog bit an eight-year-old boy, who witnesses claim had been throwing rocks at him.

'The dog came across the street and the next thing you heard was pop, pop, pop,' said Cynthia Wilson, who witnessed the shooting and claims the shots were fired by an East St. Louis police officer.

The dog was apparently left for dead.

"It`s really sad because they didn`t have to shoot the dog," said witness Paula Hamilton. "They could have just called the dog catcher."

Luckily, the executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians, which feeds stray dogs in East St. Louis, was driving through the area Wednesday afternoon, and just happened to see the struggling dog in a field almost 24 hours after being shot.

With the help of her husband who had been in the truck with her, they patiently and gently rescued the dog and rushed him to Hillside Animal Hospital in St. Louis.

Neighbors watching the rescue became so angry, police were called to calm the crowd.

Fox 2 News overheard an officer wearing a hat reading 'Asst. Chief' on the phone shouting at someone about the incident.

"We should have down something proper. How do we shoot a dog and leave a damn dog in a field?" the officer asked. "And you wonder why these people say the (expletive) they say about us."

X-rays of the dog, who the rescuers named Colt, as in the gun maker, reveal he was hit by two shots; one in the shoulder, and one in the head, though it appears the bullet did not penetrate the skull into his brain.

"He was fighting us to get in the car so he has got some oomph left in him," said Jaime Case, Executive Director of Gateway Pet Guardians. "I am hopeful all those things mean he is on his way to recovery."

The director of St. Clair County Animal Control, Jim Jacquot, says the grandmother of the boy who was bitten told investigators she thought the dog was dead but wasn`t sure where to find its body.  That left doctors little choice but to begin rabies treatments on the child.

Now that the dog has been found alive, the dog can be quarantined for several days to determine if it is rabid.  If the dog does not survive the shooting, brain tissue tests can quickly reveal the rabies status of the dog. If the dog is found not to be rabid, the boy may not have to complete the rest of the five shot treatment.

The dog had been microchipped, so investigators know the name of its owner, who is from Belleville.

If the dog survives, and is healthy, authorities will determine whether he is vicious.  If so, he may be euthanized. If not, he could be returned to the owner, or put up for adoption.

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  • Dawn Marston

    Since the kid was throwing rocks at the dog, are you going to have his temperament tested to see how viscous he is.

  • Mark

    Cops should start wearing brown uniforms so they look like the pieces of s*#t they are! Go bust ONE heroin dealer, they can’t do that to busy shooting innocent animals and being corrupt!

  • Rena Watters

    the boy should get a swift kick in the pants for throwing rocks at the dog… the dog’s owner should get a ticket for Colt being out unattended unless of course, he was abandoned or stolen… the cop should be charged with cruelty to animals and I pray Colt gets the loving forever home he deserves. the only monsters are human.

  • J

    This is beyond bad. Praying the pup makes a full recovery and goes on to know the love it deserves. Definitely sad.

  • vickie_kelley

    Hopefully the dog survives the kids parents should whip his but for being mean to an animal cop should be fined for cruelty on an animal and hope dog finds a wonderful and loving home

  • erin

    If the kid was throwing rocks he deserved to be bit. It is the child who is viscous. What would you do if someone was throwing rocks at you! The cop should be fired (and I like cops), and fyi Fox…East St. Louis is in Illinois not Missouri….it’s East of St. Louis…get it

  • Bel

    pitbulls are NOT vicious! It’s the owners that make them vicious! Sad to say but it’s the kids fault for throwing rocks at him! Any animal would of done the samething.

  • sheila

    It was very cruel and heartless to let the dog suffer like that. Especially
    since the boy started it. He did what anyone would do he protected
    Himself. The boy should be punished. You should never be cruel to

  • Rono

    I would be raising – – – – had this been my dog!!! The kid would have gotten a good old fashioned – – – whooping(as my grandmother called it) for throwing rocks at the dog or any other dog!!! The kid will grow up to be a delinquent!!! __

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