Missouri returns drug used for executions

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KTVI) – The Missouri Department of Corrections has returned its supply of propofol used for execution of prisoners to a supplier in Louisiana. Propofol is an anesthetic used to put patients to sleep prior to surgical procedures.

However, some states in recent years have moved away from three drug method for lethal injections for prisoner executions.  Missouri is one state that now uses one drug for executions.

The European Union has banned the export of propofol to any country that may use the drug for execution.

A German company Fresenius Kabias had exported the drug to the Louisiana company Morris & Dickson, for use in medical procedures. They then sold the anesthetic to the department of corrections.

In response to the EU ban, the state of Missouri as returned the shipment of propofol to Morris & Dickson.

Currently Missouri has two executions slated for late October.

The department of corrections now says they will use as domestic manufacture for propofol.

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    Finally!!!!!!! There are people that have been on Death row since 1989. These people are not on Death Row for robbing candy stores.

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