Police: Shawn Nims shot and killed by law enforcement officers

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CEDAR HILL, MO (KTVI) - Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer says Shawn Nims, the man suspected of shooting two Jefferson County deputies, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers Friday morning.

Boyer says Nims tried to jump out of the window of a woman's home not too far from the original scene.   When officers ordered him to drop his weapon, he refused and was shot at least one time.  The woman at the home was taken into custody. She was released after giving a statement.

The shooting ends a nearly 7-hour manhunt for Nims that started around 2:00 a.m. Friday.

Jeff Co ManhuntThe incident began when deputies responded to a 911 hangup around 11:00 p.m. in the 7400 block of  Twin Ridge Road.

Residents first told police the call was accidental and was made from a medical alert bracelet.

When officers began to leave, they saw someone going out of a back window. They did not chase the person because it was dark and in a wooded area.

They went back to the home around 2:00 a.m.   When the deputies walked down the stairs,  Nims reportedly opened fire on the two deputies.

Authorities say Deputy Nina Osia, 22, was shot in the lower left calf  and has a broken leg.  Deputy Michael Toombs, 43, was hit in the arm.   Both officers were taken to a hospital where they were treated and released.

Multiple agencies from around the St. Louis area including the Highway Patrol, St. Louis County and Franklin County responded to assist Jefferson County in the manhunt.

Residents were advised to keep their doors locked and be alert during the incident.


  • Donald Thompson

    What do the other two pictures have to do with Nims? I don’t usually prefer anything end this way, however, in Shawn’s case, I hope he hurts…because karma is a bit##. Also, what a waste of taxpayer money attempting to save this Nazi P.O.S…

    • Donald Thompson

      Thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was the officers or people at the house he was held up in. My mom, who lives in Cedar Hill, didn’t know anything about them. Glad to hear they are ok.

  • J. Rigsby

    No officer wants something like this to happen. In a world where more and more people genuinely don’t care about the life of another, it is a dangerous job these deputies have. I’m glad the officers are ok and home safe with their families. As for the suspect, he made his own bed.

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