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Phineas the dog allegedly stolen from shelter

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(KTVI) -The attorney who represents the family that owns Phineas says the dog has been stolen. You may recall Phineas has been in the custody of a vet in Salem, Missouri after he allegedly bit a child more than a year ago.

A court hearing regarding the matter is scheduled for this Thursday, but Phineas is missing.

The attorney says he and his clients fear for the dog's safety.

Phineas has been in custody in Salem since last summer after allegedly biting a child. The dog's supporters say evidence proves the dog's teeth do not match the alleged bite mark.

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    • Mark Munroe

      If it were my dog… I would have broken into that place a year ago and got him out and had him stay with family until the heat died down…Hasn’t it occurred to you people through all this online crusade that someone might actually “SAVE” Phineas? And wouldn’t it be great that in a few months the owners are gifted with the same breed of dog unknowing to the authorities and its actually Phineas? You know, even if the dog has a chip its not like you couldnt take the dog to a vet friend you know and have it removed and a new one put in its place… I wonder??? That would be AWESOME!.. Lets hope!

      • Nowhere_Freeway

        did something change? i remember reading back when this first hit that the family did not want to keep Phineas – the plan was to get him out of salem…..

  • Annette


  • Beverly LuCerne

    People are cowards they can’t stand that this dog would have been set free. The truth always comes out. I pray for his safety. And I hope all is being done to find him and for them not to say we are not looking for him…… He is just a dog! My Prays goes out to this family again for a trauma that was almost ended. Now This!

  • Mindy

    The saddest story, I have been following this for some time now. I would blame the mayor he is an evil man and whoever did this will have consequences. It’s very clear this dog did not bite that child, I still have hope he is alive for the family’s sake….. Praying for safe return

  • nicole

    God has an all seeing eye and if that mayor done this he will admit it. might not be right now. might be in hell asking forgiviness. trying to change because \its hot down there. That was an innocent and God doesnt like when u mess with hes innocent creaters!!!!I pray that God bless this family and he was taking to save hes life. Lord watch over them and give them some closure. They love this dog very much Lord. i speak peace understanding and wisdom Lord. I love you Lord. Amen

  • Sue Hobart

    I feel he is somewhere safe… so that whatever way the court rules he will still be safe… He must be one very sweet dog for all this love coming his way.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I hope he is safe, but if I were the family, I’d be very upset. That Mayor should be impeached. Take away his lifetime welfare handout. Just worthless. All this over such a trivial thing. I hope some dog takes a big chunk out of the mayor some day. THAT would be justice.

  • Natalie

    I have a feeling he was taken for his safety and if the ruling goes in his favor on the 17th he will magically reappear. If the ruling is against him, I think his nappers will take him somewhere safe never to be seen again where he can lead a happy life! This is just a hunch…I’d been wishing for weeks that someone with a kind heart would take him out of there.

  • Leigh Wade

    This is an outrage!! Hasn’t this dog been through enough already?!! Please someone knows something! Just do the right thing & return him or at lest someone who knows something, let someone, anyone know!! Praying for Phineas & his family. So very sad!!

  • Karla

    I pray that Phineas in safe, they should lock the Mayor up and never let him out. How could anyone do this to a precious dog like Phineas. I will keep praying that God will watch over him.

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