Macy’s to be open on Thanksgiving

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It’s a trend that’s moving earlier and earlier: stores that traditionally opened on Black Friday are now opening on Thanksgiving.  The newest big box retailer to jump on board is Macy’s.  The store announced Monday that locations around the country will open at 8 o’clock Thanksgiving night.

The trend started with Toys “R” Us two years ago, opening at 9pm.  Missouri Retailers Association President David Overfelt says it’s necessary, so big box stores can keep up with online shopping.  He explains, “The customers are buying all day long on Thanksgiving, we’ve seen that trend, they’re buying on their computers. This gives them a chance to get out into the stores and buy merchandise locally, which benefits our communities. Our brick and mortar stores pay the taxes and hire the people.”

But some shoppers dislike the trend.  Elaine Surdyke says, “I don’t know why people would want to go out and go shopping on Thanksgiving, when they have the whole month between then and Christmas.”

But another shopper, Alyssa Williams, says Thanksgiving shopping doesn’t detract from family time; it’s simply become a new family tradition. She explains, “Last year we made it a family thing. We ate dinner, and then me and my mom and my aunts went. It’s kind of like a family thing for Thanksgiving, because you get all your shopping done for Christmas.”

Some shoppers may enjoy shopping on Thanksgiving, but that’s not the case with some employees of other retailers who signed petitions against working the holiday.  Macy’s wants to minimize grumbling, and released the following statement: “In a move to minimize the impact on associates, Macy’s began planning early to allow associates the time to review available shifts on Thanksgiving weekend, and to volunteer for the shifts they prefer.”

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  • Sandra J Stewart

    because you request not to work on Thanksgiving, it does NOT mean you are not working that day. They can still schedule you to work on Thanksgiving evening.

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