Read this: Jack Clark’s lawyer sends scathing letter to Pujols

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A letter from Jack Clark’s attorney Al Watkins to Albert Pujols’ legal team is raising some eyebrows and offering some comic relief. The correspondence goes over many issues in the beef between Clark and Pujols. He offers to finally resolve the issue between the two by offering to take a lie-detector test if Pujols does the same.

Pujols filed a lawsuit on October 4th over comments Clark made on the “The King and The Ripper” show on WGNU. Jack Clark said on-air that he knew that Pujols “was a juicer.”

The letter file by Watkins says that “juicing” multiple meanings. The lawyer writes in the letter that he tried Googling it and got tired. He goes on to write that he would ask Jack Lalanne if he was not already deceased.

Watkins refers to Albert Pujols in the letter as “Mr. Alcantara.” Pujols given name is Jose Alberto Alcantara. Watkins says he is concerned that Pujols petition against Clark never mentions, “Mr. Alcantara.” He says that Pujols petition should say Mr. Alcantara is “better known as Albert Pujols.” Unlike, “formerly known as,” the “better known as” designation is not a legally recognized term in St. Louis courts.

The full letter is posted below.






  • Jeff Fortner

    i was an fan of mr. Clark before this has happend, Now, he looks like an total low life and doesnt know when to shut his mouth. Pretty sad how the mighty has fallen

  • Bongo

    It’s time to just let it go. There has been “greenies” in the 50’s and 60’s, and body morphing for a while, heck even Lasix and Tommy John surgery improve the ability to see and throw the ball, All to the players advantage.
    The current players all know the consequences if they continue to use.
    LET IT GO!

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