Advisory speed limit signs to be removed from I-270

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Starting on October 16th, MoDOT will start removing the advisory speed limit signs on I-270.  The reason for the removal is that MoDOT will be adding the speed limit advisories to I-270 message boards.

The signs were installed in 2007 to help motorist during times of high traffic volume and warn drivers of slower traffic ahead.  Since its inception, the message boards on the the highways have been upgraded, making advisory speed limit sign obsolete.  MoDOT says it will re-purpose the signs for other projects.

Advisory speed limit digital signs will be removed in two weeks.

MoDOT believes that between the use of the message boards, 300 traffic cameras, and 400 speed sensors, they will be able to monitor I-270 traffic flow.


  • Victor

    Let’s tell the whole story. Those signs were originally variable speed limit signs, but weren’t easily enforceable. To save face, they changed them to advisory signs, but those weren’t very practical. Advising motorists to drive 45 when everyone else was zooming at least 60 wasn’t the smartest idea, either.

  • Chris

    I think they were meant as a means to increase revenue by having variable speed limits. They were even marked as variable at first, then was changed to “advised” later on. I wonder who got a ticket and sued over the “variable” term?

  • Gene

    Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, from the start. Just another waste of taxpayer dollars. Wonder which lobbyist did his job very well in convincing MODOT to install them in the first place. So now lets waste more tax dollars by moving them somewhere else….and then somewhere else….

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