Dr. Lehman: Arthritis Food Triggers

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(KTVI) - Living with Arthritis can be a pain, especially when it comes to your diet. Dr. Lehman, orthopedic surgeon, explains and tells us what foods can trigger arthritis pain and which foods can be good for you.

Foods to Avoid if you have arthritis:
1. Anything high in animal fat including steaks, burgers, etc.   Instead, eat more chicken, fish and turkey.

2. Avoid egg yolks, but keep the egg whites in your diet

3. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils -- chips, butter, margarine. Also, avoid anything you have to cook in oil -- it triggers inflammation. 4. Avoid chocolate - it's one of the worst things to eat when you have arthritis.   Try to snack on nuts instead.

The key is following an anti-inflammatory diet, which helps you avoid RA flares. And these smarter food choices aren`t necessarily boring ones.

Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, high-fiber grains and healthy fats all constitute a rheumatoid arthritis diet that can help you reduce RA aches - in a matter of days.'I start my RA patients on a general anti-inflammatory diet, and they feel better within a week,' says internist Leo Galland, M.D., whose book The Fat Resistance Diet (Three Rivers Press) is based on anti-inflammatory foods.


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