McCaskill unhappy with Obamacare website mess

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Senator Claire McCaskill is unhappy with the Obamacare website mess.

McCaskill was an early supporter of the Obama Health Reform Plan. And she says unless the website, and the system are fixed fairly quickly, demands to de-fund or repeal Obamacare could bubble up in congress again.

But McCaskill blames the foul-ups, in part, on states like Missouri that refused to set up their own web sites for health insurance. She says that meant that the federal web site has to handle a lot more traffic than was originally intended. She notes that people have until March to sign upand that should be plenty of time to work the bugs out of the system.  And the senator says she'll be heading to to buy her health insuranceand that she'll use social media and the internet to make her experience public.

McCaskill calls the Affordable Care Act a political two-by-four that's been used to beat up political opponents. She says she hopes congressional debate on Obamacare will now focus on making it function better, rather than trying to repeal it.


  • Ken Swick

    Is she crazy? The site couldn’t handle 50k users. This has nothing to do with the States and everything to do with a systemic issue from the design to implementation of the site. The entire back end architecture to the front end web application is broken AND extremely insecure. They had three years and over 300 million dollars to build a site that should have taken a fraction of both. She cannot shift blame on this monstrosity from where it belongs. The Democrats and this administration.

    • TK

      You are exactly right, Ken. McCaskill is a typical democrat – shifting the blame to anyone/anything else, but themselves. Not going to work this time!

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Wow, bad website design! At least the Republicans have SOMETHING to rant about! They’ve failed miserably in everything else! Like representing people who actually work for a living.

    • Nowhere_Freeway

      only to a libtard would it not make a difference that a couple hundred million was spent on the website and it’s worthless. excuses and blame….looking forward to the midterms next year!!!

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