Is “St. Louis Stronger” in bad taste? Fan in Boston wants it taken down

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A Cardinals fan living in Boston wrote to FOX 2 to share his disgust for a campaign to support the Redbirds. An organization on Facebook called “Cardinals Nation” is promoting the slogan, “St. Louis Stronger.” Boston adopted the motto, “Boston Strong” after the marathon bombings earlier this year. Greg Soutiea brought the campaign to our attention. He says the promotion is in bad taste.

The Red Sox had a special ceremony before games one and two of the 2013 world Series with a “Boston Strong” theme. The “Boston Strong” logo is also mowed into the outfield in Fenway Park. The campaign has come to mean a lot to the people of Boston. It has helped the city heal from the violent week of explosions and subsequent manhunt.

Read more from his letter:

“I am a loyal Cardinals fan who currently resides in Boston. I’ve been here for about 5 years but am originally from St. Louis the other 25 years of my life. I was also at game 2 last night (you may even recognize me as “failed high five guy” from basically every sports website on the internet).

Today in my Facebook news feed popped up a photo of a sweatshirt being sold by a Facebook fan page titled “Cardinals Nation” If you’ll go to their page and look at the photo it is of a red sweatshirt with the St. Louis skyline with the slogan reading “St. Louis Stronger”.

I am so mad typing this up that I am literally shaking. I ran in the Boston Marathon this year and had finished and was near the finish line when the bombings occurred. The term Boston Strong has nothing to do with sports, but is the attitude of a resilient city bouncing back after a terrible tragedy affecting thousands of innocent people. ”

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Update: The group calling itself “Cardinals Nation” on facebook has released this statement:

The group is selling t-shirts here.



  • Lori

    All negative comments have been removed from the FB page. Including mine! No self respecting St Louisan would even consider wearing this tee!

  • Shawn McDonald

    I don’t think it’s provocative. I just think it’s sad that a local product could not have been any more creative than that.

    I mean really. St. Louis Stronger? Really? That’s low-hanging fruit. What’s next? “Gooey Butterbean Town?”


  • Nikki

    I agree, I think we are creative enough and there are plenty other slogans we have to promote or love for baseball and our team. This slogan as he states is about the city remembering a tragedy, those injured, and killed.

  • Sue

    150 percent tacky. And those making fun of others’ reactions? Even tackier. Boston’s an incredible city. I’ll never forget my trip there.

  • Sherri

    FYI…St. Louis has had bombs too, so who is being disrespectful to St. Louis now. Put the “strenght” back in your heart and get the “taste” out of your mouth. Back up, regroup and remember, everyone greives differently,

  • Brent

    If as he said the phrase “Boston Strong” has nothing to do with baseball, why did they have special ceremonies before game 1 and 2, and put the phrase on the grounds of fenway park?

  • Sarah

    I’m a Cards fan. Live here in St. Louis and love it. But I agree that this not done in good taste. Boston Strong has nothing to do with baseball. Making a St. Louis Strong shirt was not this right thing to do. It make us look like were mocking Boston, which I know were not! The creator of the shirt must not understand the meaning of Boston Strong. I would not purchase a shirt like that.

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