Normandy school board votes not to pay transfer bill

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(KTVI) - There are major developments regarding those school transfers in the Normandy School District.  The school board has decided it won't pay its monthly bill for students who have transferred to other districts.

The school board voted 3 to 2 at a meeting Thursday night not to pay the transfer bill.  That's a move which seems to indicate the district is violating state law.  That law allows students in unaccredited districts like Normandy to transfer to higher performing districts at the cost of the unaccredited district.

The Normandy school board's surprise decision means that about $1.3 million will not be going to the 14 districts with Normandy transfer students.  A large chunk of that money would have gone to the Francis Howell School District which has the majority of Normandy transfer students.

Last month, Normandy paid the bills.  But there has been great concern about whether Normandy could absorb those costs.  In fact, state education officials have said Normandy would go broke by next March without major financial help from the state.

Just before that, the board approved substantial projected to save the district about $3 million this year.  Those cuts include closing Bel Nor elementary school and laying off 103 employees, many of them teachers.  Those cuts are set to take effect December 20th.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education says if Normandy falls behind more than two months on paying transfer bills, then the state will withhold its tuition funds from Normandy and use those to pay the other districts. We will see where this all goes from here.

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