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One-legged marathon runner Beth Deloria

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(KTVI) - St. Louis' Rock N' Roll Marathon is this Sunday morning. Hundreds will compete in the full 26.2 mile run and also the half 13.1 miles.

Now, running the full marathon is challenging enough. Now imagine doing it with just one leg.  Simply amazing. That sums up Beth Deloria.

She talks about how she does it.

Deloria is Manager of Community Outreach for Allard USA, the company that manufactures the ToeOFF® brace she uses.

Deloria uses a technologically advanced, carbon fiber orthotic device designed to mimic the biophysical movement of the muscles in her legs and feet.

The trauma caused nerve damage that resulted in paralysis of the muscles of her left foot and ankle, meaning she could no longer flex her foot upward as is necessary for a natural walking or running gait.

Among the causes for the paralysis associated with foot drop are stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, and neuropathy often associated with diabetes.

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