World Series Game 3 called “Most expensive Cardinals game ever”

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Fans will have to pay up if they want to see the Cardinals and Red Sox at Busch Stadium Saturday night.

It’s being called the most expensive Cardinals game ever. According to Seat, the 2013 World Series has the highest average ticket price of any World Series since 2009.

The average resale price of a ticket in Boston is $868.  In St. Louis, it’s $699, but Saturday’s Game 3 is drawing an average ticket price of $780, making it the most expensive Cardinals game ever.

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  • Jake L

    The World Series has always been a premium event – and tickets are usually high anyway. I think it’s only because it’s a St. Louis/Boston World Series. It wouldn’t be under the same price schedule had it been a STL/Detroit series.

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