Callers: Red Sox pitcher’s greasy hair gives them Game 1 jitters

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The FOX 2 newsroom is getting a lot of calls about a Red Sox baseball player’s hair. Boston’s Clay Buchholz sports a mane and beard that are a little unruly. Many callers are worried that he is taking grease from his hair and applying to to the baseball.

Their paranoia is not without precedent. Many Cardinal fans think that Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester illegally doctored the ball in Wednesday night’s game 1. Video surfaced after of Lester applying a strange substance from his glove. Major League Baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals said they could not draw any conclusions from the video and no complaints were filed.


  • Chrystal

    I thought the same thing about something in his hair. It did not look just wet to me, it looked greasy. I was watching for it and multiple times, he put his pitching hand into his hair or rubbed it down in the back. I was so surprised that nothing was said by the cardinals. I can’t believe that they are cheating in the World Series!

  • Scott Bramstedt

    It makes me wonder if all pitchers are doctoring the ball and no team complains because they don’t want their own pitchers investigated.

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