Fans giggle during “Stand Up To Cancer” ceremony, spark outrage

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Major League Baseball held a benefit before the sixth inning for the “Stand Up To Cancer” campaign.  Announcers, players, officials and fans held signs with the names of someone they knew whose life had been touched by the disease.  MLB had a billboard on the screen urging viewers to donate to the cause to help those the campaign.

Many baseball fans were offended when they saw two fans holding an unusual sign. According to, the woman holding the sign was Sarah Newlon, a former contestant on The Bachelor, was holding a sign that read, “Molina.”

When many people saw the video of Newlon laughing with the Red Sox fan, they assumed she was making fun of Yadier Molinaand online outrage ensued.

Newlon shot back on Twitter saying they weren’t laughing about cancer,  they were surprised to be on the Jumbotron.

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    She is just dying for attention, sad. Being a contestant on a wishful match up show on national Tv kinda tells yo a lot about a vain, shallow person. The world is filled with them and they are annoying as Hell.

  • Sarah Hoffmann

    Molina inspires her to stand up to cancer? That doesn’t even make sense. I’m sure she knows of someone else who has actually had cancer that would be more inspiring. Now if she was trying to be a catcher..I could understand the inspiration

  • Shirley Trankler

    She is trying to protect her a** by her comment. Most people who find out they are on the jumbotron look towards it to see themselves. She was a former “Bachlorette”. She obviously has the IQ of a dandelion.

  • Kay Allen

    That girl picked on the wrong Cardinal! We love our Yadi! Totally bad taste, nothing worse than a dumb chick, with no manners!

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