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Alton man turns $25 into $4M lottery prize

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GODFREY, IL (KTVI)-- It was a Sunday like any other at Casey's general store in Godfrey, Illinois.

"I had a $25 Bingo ticket and cashed it in and was going to get more Bingo tickets," says Doug Compton.

But this scratch off machine didn't have what Doug Compton wanted.

"By just out of happenstance that day I was out of them," says Marena Turner the Casey manager.  "I had put in a different book so he decided to try a different ticket."

That was a 50x the cash instant ticket, and quicker than you can say cha-ching, it changed Doug's life.

"It was just like a shock," says Compton.  "Awesome."

The $20 scratcher revealed Doug could now add the letter h to his first name, because he'd just won four million dollars and the Casey's store $40,000 for selling the winning ticket.

"I load these tickets everyday, but I never pay attention to how big the jackpots are," says Turner.  "I mean its amazing cause its four million dollars for 20 bucks."

"That could buy a lot of World Series tickets," says Patrick Clark.

"Oh yes it could," laughs Turner.

So what does Doug and fiancée Katy McCahill plan to partake in with the money they'll receive for the next 20 years?

"Paying off our mortgage and personal bills and stuff like that," says Compton.  "She's got a pretty nice vehicle so I'm going to get me a new truck."

He'll restore his 63 Corvair that's been waiting in the garage while Doug was trying to find the spare change and spare time to fix it back up.

"Doug, can I call you Doug?" asks Clark.

"Yes you may," says Compton.

"Can I call you my new good friend?" Asks Clark.
"Yeah, we'll see," says Compton.

Compton who works for a concrete company won't give up his day job, or his habit of buying scratch off tickets.

"She's always on me, 'You know we'd have a little more money if you weren't buying scratchers tickets all the time,`" says Compton.

"I don't say that anymore," laughs Katy McCahill.